About us

CANAVIA TRAVEL is a travel agency and tour-operator based in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

With years of experience in receptive services for tourists that visit Croatia and its surrounding countries, Canavia travel team designs and promotes a series of specialized products based on particular needs of each tourist market and in accordance to the new tendencies in global tourism.

Breaking away from mass tourism concept, we propose solutions whose main idea is the discovery of the authentic striving to achieve a more profound travel experience through a series of differentiated products and services.

Contact info

Canavia travel d.o.o.

travel agency

Iva Vojnovića 3, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Tel. +385-20-333-427
Fax. +385-20-333-428
E-mail: info@canavia-travel.com
MB: 2255863
IC: HR-AB-20-090021453

What makes us different

  • Vision of sustainable tourism achieved through programs and activities that provide for true assimilation of the destination, environmentally and cultural-wise
  • Customized products designed for those that search that added-value experience in their travel
  • Personalized attention and flexibility when dealing with our agents and specialists at your disposal in all aspects of the service
  • Creative and innovative programs that combine travel and leisure based on modern travelers needs and wants
  • High criteria in selecting service providers (guides, accommodation, transportation, restaurants, etc.)

We’ll prepare and budget your travel package in 24 hours!

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